Ms. Arndt is a prominent and exceptional Australian journalist, activist and licensed counselor.

She is the vanguard in a movement in Australia to enlighten the public about the realities of gender issues (as opposed to the myths promulgated by Australian political interests that are hostile towards men.



   Please view Ms. Arndt's video using this link:    Jordan Peterson wimps out over toxic women


The university system in Australia is doing everything possible to suppress her efforts:


WOM 6.31 - Bye Bettina!


Preamble: The prevalence of sexual violence on Australian campuses is no longer a question or a debate. It is a fact, backed by leading research and accepted by universities, governments, students and advocates, that sexual violence occurs at an alarming rate on university campuses and at residential colleges. There is no other common destination at which students are at most at risk of experiencing sexual harassment or assault.


Sex therapist Bettina Arndt claims that these statistics are false and that universities, the government and feminist activists are using them to promote a fake rape crisis on campuses with a purpose of demonising men. Arndt has made outrageous claims that women send mixed signals about sexual consent and that ‘no does not always mean no’ and she strongly believes that consent courses in universities should teach ‘don’t get raped’ as well as ‘don’t rape’. Arndt has embarked on a campus tour to speak to students about her beliefs (read: conspiracy theories) and ‘expose’ activists. Arndt is currently touring university campuses across the country to promote these theories.



  1. NUS condemns Bettina Arndt for belittling the experiences of survivors and making damaging claims about consent.


  1. NUS stands with survivors and stands against all sexism and victim blaming.


  1. NUS recognises that Arndt’s campus tour may have a harmful impact on the mental health of survivors and that these theories should be counteracted with evidence and sense.



  1. The 2019 National Women’s Officer will provide campus Women’s collectives and activists with support to counter-protests against Bettina Arndt to ensure that these destructive theories are not continued without clear opposition.
  2. The 2019 National Women’s Officer will continue to support and work with campus Women’s collectives to ensure that universities address sexual violence and the importance of consent.


Moved: Maddie Lucre (University of Technology Sydney) Seconded: Sarah Tynan (University of Adelaide)